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The unfortunate effects of honestly.

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In this Blog we have really tried to keep those reading, how ever you are connected to PHEI in the “loop” – meaning STRICTLY – a straight forward way of publicly distributing information.

As seen below one blogger doesn’t feel that way.

His name is Joe – – ip:


Well Joe, per the SEC – NOT SCC – the following applies.
In the Proposing Release, we stated that an issuer’s posting of new information on its own website would not by itself be considered a sufficient method of public disclosure. As technology evolves and as more investors have access to and use the Internet, however, we believe that some issuers, whose websites are widely followed by the investment community, could use such a method. Moreover, while the posting of information on an issuer’s website may not now, by itself, be a sufficient means of public disclosure, we agree with commenters that issuer websites can be an important component of an effective disclosure process. Thus, in some circumstances an issuer may be able to demonstrate that disclosure made on its website could be part of a combination of methods, “reasonably designed to provide broad, non-exclusionary distribution” of information to the public.

We emphasize, however, that while Rule 101(e) gives an issuer considerable flexibility in choosing appropriate methods of public disclosure, it also places a responsibility on the issuer to choose methods that are, in fact, “reasonably designed” to effect a broad and non-exclusionary distribution of information to the public. In determining whether an issuer’s method of making a particular disclosure was reasonable, we will consider all the relevant facts and circumstances, recognizing that methods of disclosure that may be effective for some issuers may not be effective for others. If, for example, an issuer knows that its press releases are routinely not carried by major business wire services, it may not be sufficient for that issuer to make public disclosure solely by submitting its press release to one of these wire services; the issuer in these circumstances should use other or additional methods of dissemination, such as distribution of the information to local media, furnishing or filing a Form 8-K with the Commission, posting the information on its website, or using a service that distributes the press release to a variety of media outlets and/or retains the press release.


That being said – thanks to all that have supported the new and improved PHEI – gonna be a slow and difficult battle, most of you know that already.

The content of this BLOG is not announced, proclaimed, secretly released, used as leverage, written to stimulate, or used to cause a ripple effect of actions effecting the free will of any individual… etc, it is purely a public blog. Plain and simple, please don’t base your financial well being on a blog, or life changing decisions from the info here.

Thanks again for your support. reviews our new Lapboard!!!

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The LapBoard, the epic journey turns a corner

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Here’s the scoop ppl.

Lapboard Shipment

It turns out the manufacturer could not keep their commitment to ship prior to CNY.  We also need to understand this project has been floating around for several years and they final received payment a few months ago to go to production.  Phantom is probably not too high in the picking order when it comes to completing an order before CNY.  Jimmy really pushed to get the Lapboard out, there is nothing else he could have done.  Thanks Jim!

I know we all are very anxious to get this product out and get this company productive, so just a little more patience and support is needed.

Thanks to those new and current shareholders who have invested again in PHEI.  We do have a plan to clean up all the financial and start filing again.  Terry Taylor has all the filings ready to go.  While we need to clean up a few more bills to do this, Terry will be able to put a post up this week detailing where we stand and what we need to do.  If we can’t file yet…we sure can at least post the info.

We are still working on the Phantom Game store with our partner GameStreamer who will be releasing a breakthrough application today: GS Extranet.  Please visit  The GS Exrtanet will allow game content to be uploaded and managed through an online portal.  Very cool stuff!

Just remember the bashers will bash….some are paid to do this, some are ex employees who left with pockets full of money while we work for free.  PHEI has NO burn rate,me Jimmy and Terry are not going anywhere.  We will continue to work on making Phantom Entertainment into a valuable company.

If you have any questions or concerns,please do not hesitate to contact me.

John Landino

The Unofficial Official word.

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Ok then. Clear?

Now using the above function, read below.

PHEI retains an equity stake in the company that purchased and currently owns the streaming assets.

Details of this transaction can be found in the following link to Phantom Entertainment, Inc.’s SEC Form 8-K dated August 11, 2008:

Recurring Questions – from some new bloggers.

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OK, I’ve decided to answer every post that comes in.  While tedious maybe it will help people who know nothing about marketing or manufacturing understand better how business works. PHEI for Dummies if you will.

The Lapboard: This board was designed 5 years ago, the design hasn’t changed for the reason that it hasn’t come to market, it is now coming to market for actual review by real people not just the Big Wigs of the Media Community. While we respect those guys, its the consumers we need to hear from. COST: does anyone know how much it costs to redesign a product? ALOT! Especially in this economic disaster we currently live in?  Does anyone realize the time it takes to make those redesigns, and even if done will they improve overall based on a few responses from the corporate audience?

The GameStore:  Once again I seem to revisit this, yet I understand that most of you are in the dark when in comes to the inter workings of a company doing what we are doing. Deals take time, lots of time, we are doing are damnedness to cut through the red tape and speed up the process, yet legal is legal and paperwork is paper work.  I’m sure most of you have been at an amusement park or carnival, you pay your entrance fee and then you see an awesome ride you want to get on – ALL YOU CAN DO IS WAIT.

We are doing our best here, with little money and dragging time lines.  Yes, the media is going to tear us a new one, but what else is new. I know the type of company we are now, and I’m not about to start living in the past.

Suggestions Post. – per request

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ANY post can be commented on.

If you click on Wanna Help.

Look under the post – you can leave a comment there, but NOT ON THE CHIPIN  site.

“Wanna Help” is specifically for monetary donations.
Please read all the disclaimers before contributing in that manner.

As for the rest of you that Wanna Help, know that I read this blog everyday, every time someone blogs I get a message on my iPHONE. I enjoy reading the positive vibes, thoughts and input!!  Don’t stop.

I’m constantly connected to this blog, since my ear seems to be glued to my phone these days..

.0005 today  🙂  yah!

Talk to you all soon.


Claims on Quantity and distrupution partners of the Phantom Lapboard…

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Plain and simple – if it’s not posted on here by John Landino or phantomadmin ( Jim Dimeo ) – its not true.