I tell as I hear it. – direct from China

SO .. here is the MSN chat to China – with Phoebe our account manager at iONE who are making our lapboards – I asked to rush it to meet Jan deadline.

Here is the conversation just yesterday.

Jimmynut says (10:14 PM):
Hi Phoebe – any updates for us ?
PHOEBE says (10:15 PM):
PHOEBE says (10:15 PM):
we plan to ship them on 1/15 before Chinese New Year
PHOEBE says (10:15 PM):
Shipping Mark:
PHOEBE says (10:15 PM):
PHOEBE says (10:16 PM):
PHOEBE says (10:16 PM):
Made In China
Jimmynut says (10:16 PM):
PHOEBE says (10:16 PM):
C/NO: 1-UP
PHOEBE says (10:16 PM):
Jimmynut says (10:18 PM):
the 15th is great – so we should get them at the end of Jan.
Jimmynut says (10:18 PM):
thanks Phoebe
PHOEBE says (10:23 PM):
no problem

There you have it – confirmation from the factory…
so figure 2 weeks from when they ship on the 15th to ship across the sea and into the US. Yahoo… finally. Knocking on wood, fingers crossed, rubbing the rabbits foot, etc, etc, etc,

35 Responses to “I tell as I hear it. – direct from China”

  1. I wonder if the guys at thinkgeek.com would carry this.

  2. How many is the first shipment going to include? How many preorders are there to fill? Is Phantom prepared to keep up with the demand? i.e. Sell a lot of boards but do not have the customers wait 1-2 months while they are manufactured. Is Alienware still interested? Is there a vendor for the lapboards overseas ready to stock and sell?

    I appreciate all the transparency that the new management and John have with the operations. Finally we have a steady stream of info (good and bad) to keep us in the loop of the progress and digress.

    Thanks again and good luck.

  3. I’ve been checking your site on and off for the past 4 years, but never had the courage to fill out the order given how many times the board was already have supposed to be readily available, is there any way to verify that you actually do have what you advertise before i make a payment?

  4. Thanks for the update and keeping us informed! We’ve all got our fingers crossed!

  5. I also am happy about the transparency, but what kind of volume are we talking? I’d love to hear it’s atleast 20-30-40-50k units, just something more than the few units shipped last time.

  6. I think at this point it’s 500 units per month. As demand ramps up, that will undoubtedly increase. One step at a time πŸ™‚ At least it’s a regular number of product coming in per month. That’s a huge step forward.

  7. what happened to the promo girl? sexy women can sell for this,lol

  8. phantomadmin Says:

    Of Course, we probably could provide a warehouse invoice that states inventory.

  9. Wow, I don’t need to see any warehouse invoices. You will sell the units when you get them… I believe that is all you need to do… When that is done, we can see profit… I wonder if someday the units will be on a retail store floor? I would love to walk into Bestt Buyy and see the Lapboard on the shelf…

    As I have said before, “Lets get this Lapboard party started”…

  10. alrite good news about the lapboard…chinese new year just around the corner, i will have enough money from my families to get a lapboard :o), am chinese btw.

  11. 500 is a good start and I have confidence that others like myself are waiting to buy until we are sure we will receive one. At one time Alienware was going to offer them with their computers. Is this deal still active, or have they backed out due to the rocky road?

    Please advise when the first shipment has been received and proof (if possible). I would then feel confident in purchasing one. Has been a long time coming and find myself checking this board more than my e-mail.

  12. http://www.ergodirect.net/

    CAN YOU SELL TO THESE GUYS? THERE might be people out there who need the Lapboard???

  13. Ione Technology is building the lapboard for us. Do you know when they will start selling it under the Gemini S9 name? I my be way off here but it seems like they could sell the lapboard to the Asian market as fast as they could build them. Royalty paid to Phantom $. On their website under combos the lapboard is at the top of the list. They must have some plan to distribute.

  14. holy crap the stock moved from .0002 to .0004, its never moved .0002 in one day in over a year……wow

  15. Although it’s likely not to do anything, there’s really no telling what it could do. Once Phantom starts reporting revenue and the company actually shows up on a major stock screener or two, who knows.

  16. Ok, I’m getting chocked up now, with tears in my eyes… just for a minute. Go Phantom1!

  17. Tim brought up a good point about Ione and the Gemini S9 badging for the lapboard; anybody else hear anything about that? It’s been up on the European website as well for a while; that should also be a great market for it.

  18. hey pheadbaq, why u saying its likely not gonna do anything, thats not very positive now is it, you make it sound like even if they produced revenue it wouldnt do anything, thats what it sounds like. they produce rev and it will do something, its at .0004, i will take 5 cents worth, i dont think thats a far off goal ya know

  19. Just keeping my expectations in check as far as the stock goes. It reflects my feeling that I really don’t know what to expect. Stock-wise, Phantom’s been off the radar for a while now, so it’s hard to know what’s coming with stable revenue πŸ™‚ I do expect with revenue the stock price will rise, but who knows how much? How much will hype vs reason have to do with it? There’s a world of difference between stock price due to hype and due to strictly going by financials, but you can never really tell when you’re going to get one or the other.

    I’m definitely positive though πŸ™‚

  20. Overall I’m confident it will go up from the .0001 and .0002. Phantom’s finally at a place it’s never been before. That’s a big deal. There are lots of R&D stage companies trading for much higher with no product to show. Phantom is finally out of those woods if the lapboard has continuous sales.

  21. how about doing a drop ship deal with Ione? Take a royalty and they can mass produce without any upfront costs to phei. Great cash flow to use for distribution here in the states.

  22. I think they’re already doing that.

  23. avalanche Says:

    On Yahoo a user just posted this info:

    “Initial order from Indian Distributor 250,000 units. Chinese Trading Company negotiating 150,000 order for US delivery. Share price projection to $.35 U.S. ”

    Would be awesome if we could get some kind of confirmation on this to know whether is just some form of attempted manipulation.

  24. stock went to .0005, it hasnt done that either, so i think once they show rev, it should go up at least pennies.

  25. avalanche Says:

    That’s what I’m thinking…. granted I’d love to see .35, but I think this company has been counted down and out for soo long that a display of forward progress and even the potential for revenue could result in significant stock growth.

  26. Ralph Goetz Says:

    I would sure like that post on Yahoo concerning the large order of Lapboards to be true, but on something like that, I’ll only believe it when it comes from JOHN !!!!!!!

  27. phantomadmin Says:

    As you should – or myself – Jimmy D – This is the official voice of Phantom. – Information from Message form CEO or phantomadmin are truth – not hype.

  28. Ralph Goetz Says:

    Thanks phantomadmin and Jimmy D.

  29. And for now, the official word is what, regular shipmetns of 500 units per month I think? So the Yahoo guy is just someone blowing smoke.

  30. I hate that, if I ever had a war cry it would be “Death to stock pumpers!”

  31. any news yet?

  32. so i guess im gonna be the first to ask….. did they ship today???

  33. C’mon phantomadmin answer the question. DId they ship today ?


  35. Here is some on the reason people are frustated. Read this post again. Now 3 months later and no Lapboards. And now you tell us you are at the mercy of Ione. You should have never said that. I guess that makes them the Captian of this boat.

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