Truth and Consequences

Here we are again.  At a standstill, with the vultures circling above us, and the wolves closing in around us.

Well here are the facts – and yes we are a little late in getting them to you for good reason, we tried to resolve the issues before it came to this blog post – and Christmas Holiday didn’t help in the resolution of these issues any quicker.

The GameStore –
The Phantom GameStore was up and running, being worked on live until suddenly the rug was pulled swiftly from our feet.  Due to publishing right issues from our content provider and 3rd party distribution problems our game feed was turned off.  The GameStore was critically wounded and without a game feed would lie in a coma till such a feed would present itself again.  After a week of effort in trying to restore the GameStore’s feed, we decided it be best to push forward and take matters into our own hands. Currently we are working with publishers directly, and looking for alternative sources to make the gamestore the best it can be.  In this downtime a better Graphic interface is being developed as well as user interaction tools, such as forums and API connectivity to Facebook and other community member portals. But as time drags on , so are we through the mud of the media.

We have acquired much of our own content which puts us in a much more profitable stance going forward so we can compete directly with the big boys.  We hope to revive the store quickly, and be back up in early Jan, pending no more surprises.

The Phantom Lapboard –
Ah, when it rains it pours as the common phrase goes in the realm of bad luck. THE GOOD NEWS> is that we have received and approved the new packaging and functionality of the lapboard samples we obtained. The more we stress-tested the new internal components, the more impressed we are with the functionality. The new lapboard is Great! You can review John videos and I will post new material after this blog runs. THE BAD NEWS> well timing of the board approval, US holidays, and now Chinese New Year ( factories close for one month! ) are slowing down production times and shipping to the US. We are now looking at a FEB date.  BUT we have asked that these boards be made ASAP with critical importance so that we don’t break a promise to our customers with a JAN deadline.

It seems the harder we try to make a comeback the more snags we hit. In this economy everything is hard, and we at Phantom are doing our best – after many many rounds in this fight, to finish this contest against all odds and put out the product we have been trying to get to market for the last 5 years.

If anything we have shown that we have kept moving to survive and grow stronger to look back and say, we did it.

Thanks for all the support from our devoted stock holders and fans, and even for those out there that could care less about our company – yet still take the time to talk and write about us throughout the forums, and blogs around the world – thanks for the attention.

26 Responses to “Truth and Consequences”

  1. Thanks for the honesty. Keep up the good fight.

  2. I can hang on to the bitter end when Managment is honest and direct. They took on this job knowing it would be a monumental battle. So far were winning. Our continued support is needed. Phantom troops don’t give up. Some of the Media would like nothing better than to see PHEI die. Sorry boys we ain’t dead yet. John, Jim and others, thanks for all the effort. Many of us out here are impressed with your efforts.

  3. Good luck guys. There are still people out there who want to see this work; keep pushing and it’ll happen. It’s been 5 years, anyway…what’s another few months’ wait?

  4. Thank you for keeping us in the loop. We greatly appreciate it. Make sure they get those lapboards out the door ASAP. Keep up the good work.

  5. i knew it, sorry but it all sounds like the past, excuses of things and always pushing things back, bottom line is i dont care about any of this anymore, bottom line is revenue and when they actually sell lapboards and games online and make some rev, then people will believe if the show earning in the future as moving in right direction, i hope you prove me wrong but for 5 yrs i have heard same crap, you all sound so positive, but im real with things and i feel like my chain is being jerked

  6. phantomadmin Says:

    response to ———————–> ap <————————-

    Well the way the economy is, I’m glad to still be able to pay my mortgage. You have a right to be upset, I can’t take that away from you. You also have a voice that could be used to support a cause – we are not the same company of the past. Hell – I didn’t even know those people.

    If this company doesn’t make it, me and my family lose everything. I created this blog when there was nothing in sight, and now we have funding- unfortunately hitting some deep puddles – BUT this is REAL for me, and I’m not giving up despite the medias rants and put downs.

    I certainly don’t need it from a member of this blog. So be positive, hold on tight and have faith in this new company, or just sell all your shares, take the loss and move on.


  7. We support you guys. We’re not going away.

  8. Haven’t read the blog for a little while, wow, I was reading the information and came to think – the store is still in beta mode, right?. That, I believe is a test and fix mode, come on guys, give these guys some time to work out al the issues. I bet the first car being build was looked at and if you drove a horse all your life you would say NO WAY, aint going to happen, not going to get me in that thing. Guess what we are all driving cars, and the horse is something to bet on now…

    We don’t run China – they have a way of doing things, just as we do. I don’t think they get frazzled when we have a few days off for our past presidents…

    Phantom guys, take until March if you need too, turn a great product and people will be hesitant to judge so quickly… I hope people are not looking for Phantom to pull them out of the financial toilet they got themselves into… Pay your bills, work and hope for the best…

  9. Dear webguy,
    I totally agree with what your saying,too much crap out there with people trying to down you guys if they don”t believe in you then they should shut the HELL up and go on with their lives and let those believe in you who wants to believe in you.

  10. I too am down a substantial amount from buying in years ago. And true, it has been a rocky road. But to give up now on something so close to maturing into a good thing would be silly. I have watched this thing for too long to give up now- especially with all of the potential.

    I say thanks to John and his new leadership and group. I wish you all the best for all of us. If it does not turn out, I still can pay my bills which is more than some at the company can say. So, I hope for your sake more than mine that it works out for the best. I look forward to finally getting myself one just to put the dream into reality.

  11. hey thanks for the post, just try and hurry things up with the lapboard, who cares about the store focus on one product at a time, whichever one is easier too do, and do it. It might be easier for you all too just get the lapboard up and selling first. Then focus on the store or lapboard. The lapboard seems more real, we got video and its there, you all just need to sell it, mass produce it. The game store is a difficult thing to do. Ive had different amounts of shares of PHEI over the years. I actually wanted to invest more in PHEI within the last month but I didint have the funds. But now this gives me about 1 1/2 months to get the money. If people would understand to buy in now at .0002 or .0001 and if it goes to 1.00 with a million shares. You would be an instant millionare. Which is a great thing, even if it shot up to .1 its still 10k not a bad investment. Even if this company when under I would find a way to buy it and bring it back to Florida where it belongs. This is a great company, great CEO and a great support background. Just takes time. Ive had my own computer company, it didint do too well but I tried, but this company can last, different name than infinium, new start, just bring out the best in your company and I look forward to being a millionare! God Bless

  12. I bought this dog at over 1.50 per share when the thievs were running things.. I m Not happy, but for some strange reason I have faith in you guys. I have bought more shares and will possibly buy another few hundred bucks worth this afternoon. I am counting on the new management to make this thing come to life. With the billion shares you have sold it will be a long time before we see any real return, but I have a feeling the lap board will get you guys caught up and all will work out. I agree with the previous post focus on one product at a time. and dont drop the ball, this is your chance to show the world you are honorable men and women with honorable intentions. dont let us down.

  13. The Lapboard is a great concept, and is needed in the marketplace since it is the first of its kind. Home theater, gaming and computing are merging, but there is still time to develop product before the couch-surfer becomes mainstream. I’ve been saying this for years and there is still little progress in the marketplace. The big guys are still trying to roll out set top boxes just to download movies, and streaming is a small part of the game/movie market. We are still in the era of plastic disks, and will remain there for years until streaming and living room media centers take over. Stay positive and ignore the critics. If nothing else, the lapboard will be a huge success imo simply because there is a need for it. Comfortable, ergonomic lazy-boy interface for lefty or righty. Sweet. Focus on production and I’ll buy one along with millions of others who currently jury rig a mouse pad on the couch.keep in mind that the negative comments, including the only one on this page, are made by the same sad character or two that ruined a couple of message boards by harassing the investors to the point that they were chased away in disgust. After the RB board died off he had nobody to torment, now he has migrated to the yahoo board which has also dried up. Why? beats me, but the hatred this guy has is unreal and will never stop. Start up businesses rarely succeed, especially in the face of such vocal opposition in the press, but the product will speak for itself. Investors like us who have been at it for years, have been beaten down, and still believe and are behind you. I think the only thing that would shake the faith of anyone left after this much time and loss of capital would be an R/S, so lets move forward and get the Lapboard product to market. Nothing shuts up the critics more that proving them wrong. After that, there are plenty of avenues and alliances to be made in the marketplace as the multi-billion dollar gaming market matures into streaming data and away from plastic disks. Thanks for the updates and keep the faith! Good Luck.

  14. @ap:
    I don’t blame you for feeling how you do, and anything I said to try and encourage you or anyone else would be a repeat of things I’ve said before 😉 I’m thinking of PHEI as a new company at this point. Think about it. A new company that’s about to begin selling (on a regular basis) a lapboard that a few people, including myself, have already been able to buy. It’s absolutely a real product that you can put your hands on, and a product that many people will almost certainly see as useful. The stock price on the company is about as low as it can get, so I see this as an opportunity to be in a company that’s about to begin mass sales of its first product.

    The game store has had a hiccup of course, but I never really saw 3rd party-provided pre-packaged game downloads as the main attraction, and Phantom is only getting some kind of percentage from all of that anyway, even though it would still be revenue. The streaming service will be the crux of the game store, and the ability to demo, rent, etc. Then add in the possibility of streaming everday applications with the service PhantomStreaming will offer. There are some serious prospects there if they can be realized, and PHEI gets some sort of cut from that that will add to revenue. For now though, I’m satisifed to see the lapboard move to regular production. It’s a solid step!

  15. Oh, and as far as what they should do with the stock. I hope they ignore it for now and just focus on getting the lapboard, game streaming service/store, and app streaming service up and solid. Let the stock do whatever it does for now. Perhaps nothing great will happen with it, or perhaps we’ll be surprised. I just think now would be a horrible time to try and fix 2.4 billion outstanding shares.

  16. Along with pheadbaq, I was also able to purchase one of the lapboards when it went on sale for a limited time earlier this year, and I was surprised to find its actually pretty cool. Im looking forward to the newer version to see how it was improved. I plan on purchasing a black one this time to match my TV setup as white was the only option offered at the time.

  17. It looks as though many of us are on the same page and want this to take off. optomism is a good thing, from our font to the mangerial ears. Rock on phantom. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, sprint your ass off to it and get the lapboards off to market .

  18. I have to agree with everybody else…this is the first management team at Phantom that I believe in to get the company moving on the right track. And it is on the right track…look at all of the great progress we’ve seen in the past few months. I still can’t believe there’s actually a blog and a forum here on the site. Never thought I’d see it but it’s here. And even after all this time the lapboard is STILL one of the most novel products for the digital living room, and it should do really, really well once it launches. Please keep up the great work!! I want my lapboard!

  19. I have spent too much time keeping up with this company to give up now. Heck, it is like a daily soap opera (I wake up each day wondering if there will be a company update). I understand times are difficult and just about every company is having hard times including the big boys. My only suggestion is to stick to a deadline and deliver. Ther person you have in charge of planning should have known about the Chinese closing down a month. By the way, I do support you guys and believe you still have an opportunity to make Phantom a great company.

  20. The Chinese new year changes from year to year. The info I have says it starts on Jan 26th and last 15 days. Can we get some lapboards built before that time? Or do we have to wait till Feb 10th for them to begin manufacturing?

  21. uhoh, Tims post has me waiting for a real manufacture date. Phantomadmin ? whats the deal here ? be honest and let us know

  22. everyone understand that im not being negative just very skeptical if this is real deal but i have stuck with this company and bought alot of shares so one day maybe i will see the surprise of my life and bottom line is revenue, u sell lapboards and get some rev from gamestore and u will see rev change the way the market looks at this company, outstanding shares are one thing but rev will cure that…..

  23. phantomadmin Says:

    See latest post. The lapboards will be manufactured and shipped out by the 15th of Jan.

  24. I have faith in the new management team. Look at the time Phantomadmin replied to the last post. 2:28am. Now that’s dedication!

  25. Phantom Entertainment goes on… Never give up, if you truly believe in what you’re doing. keep going, and get this project on track. this has now become a great part of you. For you, I believe it’s truly… personal.

    There’s only satifaction in completion, at this point. So near.
    There’ll ALWAYS be opposition, when trying to do something positive and new.
    “Birthing” of an idea can be extremely difficult.

  26. Well I pray you all working hard. And ready to work harder. I bought in many years ago also as I heard what was planned for this company, so, so far I have lost fortune but have not backed out. Yet, I still see potenial. I also own a home in Macau and I will be leaving for there on the 18th for the new year there and some work and will be there for next 3 months or so. If you ever really need anyone to find out exactly what is going on in China you let me know! Meen time kick this is the a$$ little harder. got little ways to go before I start tossing more money into the pit 😉 But you for sure have my prayers. And happy lucky New year. I will be watching.

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