Feeling the tension on the Blog.

AP, we appreciate all your comments. I agree this is an open forum, yet positivity rules the roost on this blog. Facts are facts and if you want to weigh in on the side of pessimism then please comment on one the hundreds of other blogs out there in reference to our company.

That being said, Pheadbaq holds the whole picture of our plans – we are reaching out.

Let’s be clear that PHEI only represents Phantom Entertainment. I need to approve the final artwork of teh lapboard and functionality then the rest of the production will commence. I need to hold it in my hands and test the product before 1000s are made.

The Phantom GameStore will hold titles are large as FallOut 3 and also many top rated core and casual games. We are working hard to get the best games possible for our store.

Realize that in todays economy it is VERY hard to get people to buy material goods, food, gas, – you get my point – we are using our equity wisely, that means that we can’t move as quickly as we would like to until we have the means to do so.

I came on board with this company as purely a stockholder wanting to lend a hand, now I have a large part of getting things to work well, and create profit and positivity throughout the company.

Risks are everywhere, I’m making no promises, but I can also tell you that progress is being made, and if and when we get out of the red and into the black again, we will all be happy.

10 Responses to “Feeling the tension on the Blog.”

  1. Well defined; and very insightfull. Thank you B-).

  2. Doh! Lol, it’s actually pheadbaq (with a q, like “feedback”). No worries, I’ve been plagued with the mispronunciation of that handle as long as I’ve had it 😉

  3. I’m just as antsy as anyone about seeing progress for this company, especially after watching the steep decline fueled by issuance of worthless shares over the years. But I can definitely say that if there has ever been a time to buy this company, it is now. This company was soaring years ago on empty promises and an incompetent management team, and now they have not only shipped a tangible product in the toughest credit markets in decades, but they have a significant stake in a company that appears well positioned to serve the first offerings in cloud computing. Additionally, we have the very dedicated new staff who we now find are also fellow shareholders. It may take longer than we want, but to be honest this has become my favorite holding of the last year or so!

  4. Agreed 🙂 This is the most TANGIBLE progress ever from the company. No more hype before product. Get the product going, then the hype takes care of itself. Phantom’s always had great ideas, but now there’s finally the team and the execution plan that could actually make it all happen. And it is comforting knowing the guys doing the work also have “skin in the game.”

  5. avalanche Says:

    I’ve owned a fair amount of shares for several years and have watched patiently as things went up and down like a roller coaster and I am happy to see little steps of progress and no more wasted PR that merely resulted in more public slams!

    I hope the product gets out there and surprises everyone as that will have the greatest result on share price rather than overhyping it like has occured in the past!

    I’ll continue to site patiently, but I would encourage the active investigation into what online channels can be utilized to propell the product the quickest upon launch.

  6. I hope they will consider Duke Nukem 4ever for the Phantom Game Store.

  7. Heh, that would be pretty cool. A silent snub at all the naysayers 😉

  8. thomas thompson Says:

    ive owned stock in this company for years, even when the stock went over 1.00 a share, i just hope it can do it again so i can make money, just produce a product sell it and post the revenues. Hopefully you guys can make so sort of profit, but congats on everything you’ve done so far, its much better than timothy roberts driving this company into the ground. keep up the good work.

  9. Thomas,
    I know how you feel on TR. I don’t know him personally or anything, but for several years I was on the fence. Rightfully so I think, I didn’t have personal experience with Phantom or it’s people, so objectively, how could I say one way or the other. I try to be objective and reasonable when it comes to the media, knowing that they go for sensationalism and things are not always what they appear to be. I can tell you though that I found both good and bad information surrounding him, the good info being much rarer and harder to find, simply because good info is not sensational. When I put those two together along with a finicky, tempermental media, I honestly couldn’t go either way. I know what the pervasive attitude towards TR is, but I’d encourage you to just take a step back and honestly look for the other side of the story on him. By the way, I was in when it went over 1.00 too, thankfully I wasn’t in as much then as I am now, but still, I know the feeling of dealing with the past several years ordeal. Just try to see both sides 😉

  10. Cool points, sometimes we all need to be asked to sit back and wait. I will hope for your continued positive words and generated wealth. Remember it takes more stress to frown than it does to smile…

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