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Feeling the tension on the Blog.

Posted in Jim the Web Guy on December 3, 2008 by phantomadmin

AP, we appreciate all your comments. I agree this is an open forum, yet positivity rules the roost on this blog. Facts are facts and if you want to weigh in on the side of pessimism then please comment on one the hundreds of other blogs out there in reference to our company.

That being said, Pheadbaq holds the whole picture of our plans – we are reaching out.

Let’s be clear that PHEI only represents Phantom Entertainment. I need to approve the final artwork of teh lapboard and functionality then the rest of the production will commence. I need to hold it in my hands and test the product before 1000s are made.

The Phantom GameStore will hold titles are large as FallOut 3 and also many top rated core and casual games. We are working hard to get the best games possible for our store.

Realize that in todays economy it is VERY hard to get people to buy material goods, food, gas, – you get my point – we are using our equity wisely, that means that we can’t move as quickly as we would like to until we have the means to do so.

I came on board with this company as purely a stockholder wanting to lend a hand, now I have a large part of getting things to work well, and create profit and positivity throughout the company.

Risks are everywhere, I’m making no promises, but I can also tell you that progress is being made, and if and when we get out of the red and into the black again, we will all be happy.