The Lapboard

I have been in contact with iONE and they have told me that after we approve the final artwork it will take 3 weeks to manufacter the boards. Good news there,I should have the artwork approved by end of week, then we have to airship them to our warehouse in the US.

 I’ll do my best to give you up-to-date news on when they arrive and when they can be purchased.

Half the order is in white and half in black. We have taken the liberty of upgrading the mouse since many were not satisfied with the previous solution. Anyway, I have much to update across the sites.

17 Responses to “The Lapboard”

  1. I think I’ll re-order the upgraded mouse, for certain…

  2. So, is Phantom Streaming aiming to become some sort of cloud computing center for high-end pro apps like Adobe Creative Suite, or just the essential apps like MS Word and Excel? That could really cut out the costs of DRM and packaging solutions, among other things. Looks awesome.

  3. Way to go… Sell them Lapboards… sell sell sell…

  4. Hopefully, the art work has been approved or soon will be.

  5. Is there any news on the Phantom Lapboard Promo girl?

  6. Why air-ship? Doesn’t that usually end up a loss vs. sea transit? I mean, peopel have waited this long, what’s a little longer?

  7. guys i dont know about you but this stock will never move in my mind, theres so many shares outstanding from past execs and i dont see how there going to correct this, all this work supposely going on and its really probably for not. I have alot of stock in this company but i dont see it moving even to a penny.

  8. point proven, i told the truth about this stock and they removed it from this post last night, thats not right, a blog is for expression.

  9. I think we pretty much all know what the risks are at this point, AP. Not being argumentative, but I’m just sayin’, a lot of us have followed the company from the beginning, so we’re well acquainted with the risks 😉 I think there’s still a lot of potential here, especially if they can get the game service to the point where the console could be re-launched. Also, it’s evident they’re trying to maximize the company’s assets, by having three different things to offer. Phantom Entertainment for hardware, Phantom Streaming for not just streaming and DRM for the games, but for any applications (app virtualization and streaming is one of the next big things), and of course the game service, which actually has some very good titles in the lineup. It’s not Steam yet, but it’s already better than most of the other game download services out there.

    Long term, I’m really hoping to see the Phantom console come back. It would tap into a whole other segment of the market… the type of people who buy iPods. People who want an easy-to-use service that doesn’t require a computer technician certification to choose the hardware that goes with it.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments AP, it’s good to keep things real, but don’t count Phantom out altogether 🙂

  10. Well AP, we’ll have to wait and see what will happen. Perhaps they’ll do a buy back of at least half of the outstanding shares. but they’ll need revenue to do it…

  11. Im glad to see the reaction, i dont want to be negative trust me, but with times like this i guess patience is hard to come by, hey i have alot of shares invested so anything up even several pennies would be something. i understand it takes time and hopefully when the ecomomic problems heal so will phei debt and will see it as one big bang in the future.But generating revunue is first thing , anyone have any ideas how we can help advertise the lapboard and game store once it is ready, to help create a buzz?

  12. Exactly. I’m hoping that nothing is done for a while. I’d rather they focus on the business alone, and let the momentum build. We have no idea how the game industry will respond, or how average Joe investor will react when PHEI starts popping up on stock screeners due to actual revenue coming in and being filed. Patience, keep expectations in check. Baby steps…

  13. I fully understand where you’re coming from AP. I’ve been a small-peanuts investor in/watching PHEI since ’04 now, it’s certainly been a roller coaster. I remember the WhereIsPhantom board and once or twice trying to explain to the bashers how awesome an idea Phantom had on their hands. I also remember Craig being on there ALL the time ;), as well as on RagingBull (still!). I couldn’t stand constantly debating with those people like he does.

    Using our own little spheres of influence is probably the best way to help. I use the lapboard at work, and already several people have inquired as to what it is and commented on its sleek design. Other friends would be interested as well, and I intend to let them know about the lapboard, which I hope hope hope will have the mouse issues fixed this time around. Those of us who have blogs could do a little something there, and I guess we’d have to provide disclosure statements on any posts if we’re also investors (I dunno how that works exactly). Any forums we frequent where people might be interested would be a good place to post info as well. Also, any of us with our own websites could consider signing up for the white label portal.

    This all basically boils down to word of mouth 😉 Any venue we have to tell people who might be interested is a good way to help.

  14. FYI – we have a new mouse.

  15. I heard :). I’m just hoping it’s not something obscure to where the new mouse ends up having the same issues, like the RX dongle being defective by way of design flaw or something. I had tried it both at home and work in several different locations. I did notice that if I get the mouse really close (like 12 inches) to the dongle by way of usb extension cord, then there don’t seem to be any issues. Anyway, looking forward to the next release!

  16. By the way, when I said obscure, I was talking about the mouse issue, not the mouse itself 😉 Didn’t want the wrong impression out there. The mouse design is great, I just hope the problems I had with it are fixed in this next batch 🙂

    Great stuff! Great work guys!

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