Well, we finally paid iOne for our first shipment of Lapboards today.  Phantom Entertainment has contracted a warehouse in the center of the USA to store and ship Lapboard orders coming in from our website.  Once we have a delivery time frame from China we will post it here.  Thanks so  much for all your support and now we need some help, please help get the word out on any boards which you may participate that Lapboard will be available shortly.

A big thanks goes out to Tim Roberts, who has gone to great lengths to help Phantom Entertainment secure the inventory funding.  Also, thanks to Jim Dimeo, Terry Taylor and Dick Angoltti for their selfless contribution, shareholders: there would be no PHEI without all their compensation less efforts .  While we still have a LONG way to go this the first and most important step to bring the Lapboard to consumers and repairing the financial health of the company.

We have set a goal to have the game store open before the end of the year, this seems attainable as we have already done quite a bit of work toward its completion.

Thanks for reading and this is just the beginning…

John Landino

7 Responses to “NEWS NEWS NEWS”

  1. Hey John ; -,

    I knew this was the right group of people to get this project back on track.
    Thank you for your updates. The progress has been steady and the process, progressive. This is wonderful. Great News.

  2. Good to see the progress and I’m looking forward to the opening of the Game Store. Thanks for the recognition of your shareholders. Considering an additional investment, but we need an update regarding current share structure. Can you provide current status of Authorized and Outstanding please. It’s difficult to make investment decisions in the dark.
    Good luck with your efforts to return to financial stability.

  3. Fantastic news! One more step towards critical mass. Great work guys!

  4. This is awesome to hear!

  5. OK, let’s get this great stuff going… I was wondering were those guys were. I guess the help will be a significant foothold on the company futures. I can’t wait, I feel like I have a winning lotto ticket and need to drive to Alaska to get paid. I’m in the car and going north. Please send some gas money…

    Please don’t find malice in the words of the investors, some of them have placed large sums of money in the Phantom stock and they have been waiting a long time for the reward. I think we maybe are halfway through the tunnel and seeing some light. Are we almost there? I can see it, I can see it, and I can see it. Lord has mercy I can see it…

    Well, I will keep hoping there will be a pay off to the length of this investment. If you are in fact being very busy doing business for the stock holders of PHEI.PK then thank you. One more question… will we see the PHEI.PK stock go past 1.0 again? With it being 1 one thousandth of a penny, it seems like we will need years to recover.

    Good luck, and keep working hard. Thanks to the lost boys for the financial contributions and knowledge they have given.


  6. Ummm, I think he was recognizing the people working for the company who have gone without compensation 😉 Indeed, it’s a huge risk to work on something like Phantom and not get paid. Thanks for the dedication!

  7. Maybe some day we’ll see the phantom console again? That would be great, it was always a good idea. A game-service set-top box that makes all the hardware and software optimization decisions for you while offering game service that lets you play whatever you want without having to buy/store everything. That’s the sort of thing the average gaming consumer could bite into, especially now with digital living room convergence, because it keeps their experience simple. Good stuff.

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