Game Store to Open on

GAMERS!!! Looking to buy a video game -> INSTANTANEOUS GAME PLAY -> Visit the first ever Phantom-GS Powered Game Store @

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  1. Cooler…!

  2. You’re kidding, right? This is too cool.

  3. Definitely THE most activity we’ve seen from the company since E3 ’04 I have to say. Great work guys! Keep that momentum going! 🙂

    Fond memories coming back from the GameInformer interview videos you have posted in the media section lol 🙂 Really reinforces how awesome an idea the Phantom console was/is, and how far ahead of the game it was (hardy har har, pun intended). There’s STILL no one with a set top device for living room gaming like the Phantom would have offered.

    By the way, typo on the “In The News” section, left the “t” off of “the Phantom Game Service”: goes LIVE! Oct 1st. The anticipated website to tell about he Phantom Game Service is here!

    Great Work!

  4. … how ironic would it be if Phantom had Duke Nuke Em Forever (3D Realms is supposedly working on it) as a title at launch, heh heh.

  5. That would be sweet. I’m looking for that to happen…really.

    Ah Yes, memories @
    and-more-support-phantom-console/ These venders appear to be the same ones on today’s list of distributors. What’s old is new again.

  6. This is a must read to everyone and anyone Phantom involved, I believe:

    EndWar likely to trail on PCs
    • By Tom Magrino, GameSpot
    • Posted Oct 8, 2008 3:21 pm PT
    Ubisoft Shanghai creative director says piracy is preventing desktop edition from arriving day-and-date with other versions.
    The prevalence of illegal file sharing on the PC platform has given developers and publishers cause to enact drastic measures to protect their games from being stolen. This year alone has seen cases such as Crytek abandoning PC exclusivity; Codemasters, Atari, and others directly going after consumers; and EA implementing digital rights management software invasive enough to spark a class-action lawsuit.
    For Ubisoft and its upcoming Tom Clancy-inspired real-time strategy game EndWar, the focus appears to have shifted from prevention to mitigation. In an interview with VideoGaming247, Ubisoft Shanghai creative director Michael de Plater revealed that the PC edition of EndWar will likely trail the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games due to illegal file sharing.
    “To be honest, if PC wasn’t pirated to hell and back, there’d probably be a PC version coming out the same day as the other two,” said de Plater. “But at the moment, if you release the PC version, essentially what you’re doing is letting people have a free version that they rip off instead of a purchased version. Piracy’s basically killing PC.”
    EndWar won’t be the first time Ubisoft has postponed the PC edition of a multi-platform game. Both 2006’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and its 2007 sequel saw PC editions arrive months after their console counterparts. This year, Ubisoft released an enhanced PC edition of its best-selling Assassin’s Creed, a full five months after the game debuted on the 360 and PS3. Even still, Ubisoft was plagued by piracy issues for that release, eventually suing a disc-replication firm for leaking the game onto the Internet two months before its street date.
    For more on Ubisoft’s EndWar, check out GameSpot’s latest preview from last week. Retailers are currently expecting the game to arrive on the Xbox 360, PS3, DS, and PSP during the first week of November, with the PC edition following in February.;title;1

    ‘looks like it might be time for Phantom to put that S on their chest…

  7. Sounds like Phantom’s DRM is the perfect solution. So far, every DRM solution out there has been absolutely hated, even if it was a workable DRM that did prevent piracy (witness BioWare’s recent flop with Mass Effect PCs DRM). But if Phantom can make their DRM rock solid and hassle-free, you’d have a lot more PC-oriented interest headed Phantom’s way. I know a lot of time has been wasted the past few years, but there are so many factors in play right now, that the timing on Phantom’s part could actually be perfect. More people have high-res, PC-ready TVs in the living room, DRM is a bigger issue for PCs now than it was four years ago because more companies are trying/failing at it, downloadable content is much more prevalent now, and game-download services are becoming more and more mainstream. Phantom has a service and a device combo for all of those points… great opportunity here!

  8. I followed the link but could not buy any game…
    What did I do wrong ?

  9. …Ya know, at some point, I would think Phantom could license the DRM itself as a separate product if it works well enough. There could be huge potential there, and the game service ends up being the perfect test bed because it’s for a huge industry that’s battling rampant piracy right now. Pretty much every major software company on earth could use a workable DRM scheme, especially with more and more apps heading towards being online.

  10. Isn’t PGS a completely separate company from PHEI? How will this help or impact shareholders of PHEI?

  11. Who are the partners to this service? Every time I click on a link labeled ‘partners’ it leads me to a partner login page.

  12. Does anyone have an idea when the next batch of lapboards might become available online again? or to retail? I believe there may be a deal pending with a retailer or two.

  13. So are things moving forward? Will we get the game service and another shipment of lapboards before the end of the year?

  14. Hey everybody, Phantom Entertainment stock is up 50% today…

    Woo Woo!!! It was nice to see green on the board…

  15. So uh, what’s new?

  16. I hope the Lapboard batch is still planned for this year.

  17. Is there anything to announce to the public, with regard to a gaming agreement, with any of the publishers? I’m hoping soon.

  18. Has anybody heard any news?

  19. BLOG, BLOG, BLOG, BLOG, where are you…..

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