The Phantom Game Service website launches.

It’s up boys and girls – finally – I’m going on 38 hrs of no sleep, starting to see slightly translucent creatures in the reflections of my glass computer desk – ahh whatever – this is the BETA site  ( )- we need to switch to a more powerful server in the next few weeks – but the site if packed full of goodies for you to find, download and educate yourself.

Just so I don’t get 100 of emails – I am not giving out username and passwords – I will be implementing a member backend system once we move to the new server – and that system will allow you to register right on the site, and then that service will be avaliable to you.

Wanna get specific answers – fill out our contact us page, we even have a few job openning up.  OK, I’m beat and I still have more to do yet to this Beta site – HEck drop me a line via if you do find a spelling mistake or issue with the site – Thats why I’m here.

Thanks for reading –  JD.

13 Responses to “The Phantom Game Service website launches.”

  1. Congratulations! Now we need some clients.

  2. Nice work JD. Congratulations! Now, get some rest please. You deserve it. B-). Thank you very much.

  3. Great job! Look forward to hearing and seeing more…….after you get some sleep of course.

  4. Very cool, keep up the great work…

  5. Dark Helmut Says:

    Nice work! Your a stud…

  6. JD,
    You had said last month that “October will be noisy”. Should we start hearing noise now? how soon?
    Good job by the way. And don’t sleep. you can’t wake up if you do. A liitle break is what you need.

  7. When will we hear about sales from the first shipment of lapboards and when the next shipment will be ready? Also is the newsletter going to be distributed?

  8. Great work on the website!

  9. Also, not sure if it’s supposed to be that way, but the “phantom game service is a business to buisiness” slide-in looks like it’s coming in crooked. Great job on the site!

  10. Whoops. I had the ear of the webmaster over at Phantom Game Service; I lost him. There’s a webmaster over there. I should have told him of my five year tracking of the company, and am glad to see progress finally mounting.

  11. Craig, you will never be forgotten and we know your loyalty and support and it wont be forgotten. DH

  12. How can we beat the shit out of the short sellers who cost us loyal donors $ ?? urghhhhhhhh.. Can’t believe I bought into this at $1.05… Wooo hooooo…. gotta love a stock worth .0002 .

  13. yeah whats with the stock, i lost alot too back in the day with all the false hope, when will we see it move past .0003, all this action and no results, i guess theres no sales coming in, lets pray but its def most activity i seen from this company.

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