PGS Website to Launch in 2 weeks.

The Phantom Game Service is a leading edge game delivery system designed to bring the game experience to a mass audience with the convenience, breadth of content and ease of use that they demand.

On the launch of the site, investors and developers will be able to sign up and review key aspects of the site that will answer many of the questions and concerns related to the direction and future of the company.

8 Responses to “PGS Website to Launch in 2 weeks.”

  1. I have to say, I’ve had many moments of skepticism with this company. But with the board finally released and blitz that seems to be happening now on the game service end, things are looking up! Regardless of all the antics the company’s been through, I’ve always thought the console, game service, and board were great ideas. Hope the momentum continues. Keep up the good work.

  2. PGS, question. If we are invested with Phantom Entertainment, are we invested with Phantom Game Service???

    How do we get one of those tricky usernames and log-on passwords to view the PGS website???

    I’m very very excited about the future.

    thank you, thank you…

    Sorry, I posted this twice…

  3. Let’s get this Phantom Game Services Party Started… Woo Woo Woo!!!

  4. So, no other bids for the assets then? Good. Let’s get it going.

  5. I think the deadline for the PGS auction was on 09/15. Who won?
    Is the PGS website a private zone for developpers and inverstors ?
    Or is there also a public space for shareholders and potential investors?
    — Thanx.

  6. Long time coming but I am glad to see things are moving. I have always held out hope that Phantom Group could pull this off and make it happen. The concept is there as well as the market – now its execution time.

    I am curious as to how the splt off of Entertainment and Games Services will work.

    Here’s to everyone making money! Good luck!

  7. It has been two weeks. Is the going to launch today?

  8. It has been two weeks. Is going to launch today? Also, I have not recieved an e-mail newsletter.

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