Revised Lapboard Box Design and updated User Guide

I’ve just completed the revised Lapboard Box and User Guide for the next production run.  Enjoy

9 Responses to “Revised Lapboard Box Design and updated User Guide”

  1. Good stuff, this blog is great. Here lately it actually feels like I’ve gotten in on the ground floor of a real opportunity in the gaming industry. I’ve never really been a big gaming investor, (exempting of course my game systems and computers) but the sector in general is pretty resilient as far as economic cycles go. Exciting isn’t it? Or is it just me?

  2. Yes! It is very exciting… I never thought 04 years ago as things got bad in this investment that they would actually do things like this… Thanks JD. I love the new delivery container, looks real sharp, I feel like it is something I will see on the shelf when I go into a big electronics retailer showroom. Thank you for thinking of the folks after the sale too, the user guide is very easy to read and understand. As for the Phantom Entertainment Girl… Go with it, my wife just explained true marketing and how this idea might bring in big groups of people that would have not looked at the product or website before. I understand it takes some time to respond to the posts on the blog, I guess I was just feeling like I did a few years ago when the news stopped and I thought I might have wasted time and money on those other guy’s. I’m glad to say I feel like a winner sticking it out and I believe you will make this company very successful. Let me know if there is anything I could do to help, I would be willing to hand out stickers, flyers or any type of media you are willing to give out to the pubic. Let me know… and thank you again to responding to my latest shout out message…

  3. phantomadmin Says:

    We are actually thinking of running a Tee Shirt Campaign – Jim is designing the shirt with some partners of his and we are going to be giving them out for free if visitors spread the word about Phantom Entertainments return. They will of course be for sale to anyone that wants to buy one.

  4. I will take two… 4x Tall… Thank you.

  5. And of course if you want me to hand them out, send a lot more…

  6. I hope they’ll have a pocket.

  7. Wow what a great Christmas Gift this would make for my son, who is a Gamer …….High end stuff ,got to be first to have it and invite my son’s friends over to gasp!

  8. agreed deepness is needed for a bounce back the concept is still solid imo

  9. Are we getting close to the next release of the lapboard?

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