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As you can see by the time stamp on this post – I am burning the midnight oil – well the AM oil – I have my Red Bull, Nicotine and soon coffee to keep me going to complete this tremendous task.

I will not fail, I will get this done on time – October 1st is the launch – that is 14 business days from when I promised the site would be up – AND IT WILL!!!  ….  I can’t feel my hands…

I appreciate the anticipation it makes me want you to see it faster!!!

We ARE here… Shhh we’re working.

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It’s been a quiet 10 days.

Don’t worry – October should be REALLY NOISY!!!

Stay Tuned.

PGS Website to Launch in 2 weeks.

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The Phantom Game Service is a leading edge game delivery system designed to bring the game experience to a mass audience with the convenience, breadth of content and ease of use that they demand.

On the launch of the site, investors and developers will be able to sign up and review key aspects of the site that will answer many of the questions and concerns related to the direction and future of the company.

A quick hello.

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Hey all, I know it’s been quiet around here, but don’t worry there is much going on behind the scenes. Currently we are in the process of redesigning the PGS website so everyone ( developers, investors and last but not least our stock holders ) knows whats going on and how we are moving forward.  If everything goes to plan I should have that site ready by the 26th at the latest.  We appreciate your support and posts – please keep it up.  Please post our blog link and or link to those blogs, forums or whereever that you might think may have a positive impact on getting the word out – OH! the September newsletter – it is on it’s way – I have to complie the mailing list – we have over 2000 ppl that want it -Hopefully in the next few days.

Revised Lapboard Box Design and updated User Guide

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I’ve just completed the revised Lapboard Box and User Guide for the next production run.  Enjoy

the Lapboard Promo Girl search is on!

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I’ve reached out to modeling sites, myspace, craigslist, and other classified areas to find the girl to represent the lapboard, to be sexy softness to our hardware.  I’ve been getting steady emails and I think by next week I’ll be able to put a shoot together – It’s awesome how many women are into gaming. – Well I guess the exposure they will get can’t hurt either. 

If you know of any models that may be interested in the Philly area or close to Philly please let me know – Have them send an email to – subject line – Promo Girl – Thanks all

Amazon Launches TV, Movie Streaming; First 2 Minutes Free

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Authored by Mark Hefflinger on September 4, 2008 – 9:31am.
Seattle – (NASD: AMZN) on Thursday launched a new feature on its Amazon Video On Demand service that lets customers instantly begin streaming ad-free movies and TV shows on their PC or Mac.

The first two minutes of every movie and TV show on the service will now automatically being playing for free when a customer visits the product detail page.

At any time, the customer can choose to purchase or rent the title, and watch it in its entirety.

Previously, customers could only download movies and watch them on a PC using the Amazon Unbox application, or on their televisions via a TiVo box.

The Amazon Video On Demand store is now also available directly through Sony’s BRAVIA Internet Video Link device on supported Bravia television sets.