The Phantom Web Guy at work

My Phantom Office

My Phantom Office

4 Responses to “The Phantom Web Guy at work”

  1. That’s a very snazzy work station. Very “Spooky” B-).

  2. I’m hoping the sale of assets to Phantom Game Service Inc. will enable Phantom Entertainment to build up the Lapboard inventory quickly.

    Retail sales along with online will be great.

  3. Not sure it’ll be able to buy too much inventory. Assets are being sold for 65K / 130 per board = 500 lapboards. Still, progress is progress. Hopefully some kind of critical mass will start at some point. I don’t understand why Ione hasn’t begun selling them yet though. They already list them in their product line for europe and asia. I guess Phantom had exclusive rights to sell the first so many units or to sell them for the first so many months/years?

  4. …errr, I guess they’d be getting them for less than 130. My mistake.

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