Phantom Lapboard to be distributed in Japan

We have earned a Japanese distributor and we are excited to share our lapboard with the gamers in that part of the world. If you are from Japan or can read Japanese the link below is for you.

Here is that page translated to English for those interested.

7 Responses to “Phantom Lapboard to be distributed in Japan”

  1. Gerry Hamann Says:

    I am a small investor (25 M shares) and would like to know how this latest press release from Intel will effect your product?

  2. phantomadmin Says:

    We believe that there will be an industry move to incorporate all the living room boxes (DVD, DVR, Cable and Internet) to a single portal and hardware solution. This makes the Lapboard a very attractive option to the consumer for interactivity from a sofa.

  3. John,
    What are the plans to make the lapboard available to Ione Technology? If they had the inventory available in Europe and China I bet sales would be huge. I hope you can get the lapboard production line in high gear.

  4. Does Phantom have any agreement with Ione Technology to distribute the lapboard under the Gemini S9 badging?

  5. What happened to my comment/question from yesterday?

  6. phantomadmin Says:

    I’ve been getting over 50 comments a day. Some have been outrageously insulting and negative. So now ALL comments have to be moderated. Sry – that hurts the rest of you guys – but it had to be done.

  7. phantomadmin Says:

    Gemini S9 – is now The Phantom Lapboard.

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