Phantom Entertainment is BACK!

Phantom Entertainment has.. well been through the ringer. We will say boldly that we didn’t have the best method of development in past years. But if you are a hard core Phantom Fan and have hung with us over the years you should know that we have been lurking in the darkness, slowing building a solid foundation in which to move forward on past promises.

The LapBoard is ALIVE!!!

– We have sold out of our current stock and more are on the way. We are gathering the comments and reviews from such companies as Maximum PC, Yanko Design and Extreme Tech. We will soon have reviews from – Exciting developments will come from these reviews as we press forward to improve our sacred lapboard.

This blog is here to give you the latest news as it happens. We want to rebuild a trust that had been lost through sloppy politics and bad decisions. This company is now in the hands of a CEO that realizes the potential to produce products that simulate the gaming experience, brings people closer together in their living rooms and of course through the cyber lines of the web to foreign lands abroad.

If you have question, we will do that best in our power to answer them. We look forward to showing you great things in the weeks to come.

6 Responses to “Phantom Entertainment is BACK!”

  1. I have been a die hard investor and believer in Phantom for 4 years now. I too had and have my doubts, but John Landino is the first person to ever answer my email and phone calls. He has been honest and straight forward. Yes, I finally did receive my Lapboard and it’s perfect for my Home Theater. I hooked it up to my PS3 and media center PC and find it very comfortable. I will stick it out to see what the future of Phantom hold. I wish you the best of luck John. I know you have a lot to fix here.

  2. Let’s get this LapBoard party started…

  3. Hi John,

    i am a share owner and appreciate your renewed commitment to keeping us in the loop. Can you roughly estimate how many lapboards you sold out of?


  4. Any idea when you’ll have more lapboards available for purchase? I’ve been waiting for this for awhile and missed my chance to grab one last time out. And I noticed some of the pics of the lapboard you’ve got on the site have the Alienware logo; is that deal still on?

    Great to see the blog and glad someone is actually paying attention to the website. Best of luck with the new direction for the company too. I hope you guys have a lot of success.

  5. phantomadmin Says:

    We have been working hard to get another production run under way. We are not going to estimate on a date, no need to build expectations up again – WHEN the lapboards are physically on the conveyor belts and about to be shipped we will let you know a week before. Fair?

    Preorders will be taken and we will provide links on this blog and also on our website when those order can be taken.

    The Alienware package is no longer avaliable.
    The lapboard will however be avaliable in white and black.

  6. Wally Courtney Says:

    When do you expect PHEI stock to trade again, and how long until it is “worth something”

    Thank you

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