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The Phantom Web Guy at work

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My Phantom Office

My Phantom Office

Found this cool video for the Lapboard.

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Short and sweet but cool none-the-less.

Information for our Stock Holders

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Some have asked about the plans for the Phantom Game Service and Phantom Entertainment’s involvement:

Here are some answers for you.

Unless Phantom Entertainment, Inc. receives a better offer by September 15, 2008, Phantom Entertainment, Inc. will be selling the assets associated with the Phantom Game Service to Phantom Game Service, Inc. on September 15, 2008.

Per the terms of the Asset Purchase Agreement, Phantom Entertainment, Inc. will initially be acquiring 49% ownership in Phantom Game Service, Inc. and will also receive 7% of the annual gross revenue from Phantom Game Service, Inc.’s online game sales through the Phantom Game Service software. Therefore, Phantom Entertainment, Inc. will retain a vested interest in the Phantom Game Service.

Here’s a link to the SEC’s Form 8-K disclosing this transaction:

And here’s a link to the actual Asset Purchase Agreement as filed with the SEC:

You would need to contact Phantom Game Service, Inc. directly for information on the company but, since it is a Delaware Corporation, you can look up Phantom Game Service, Inc. on the State of Delaware’s Division of Corporations website; here’s the link:

As quoted in the corresponding press release:

Pointing to the spirit of the agreement, John Landino, President and CEO of Phantom Entertainment, Inc., said: “This agreement is a win-win for all parties. It allows us to shed business segments that are not related to our core objective — the Phantom lapboard wireless keyboard, while giving us an immediate cash infusion as well as future revenue streams based on royalties. Phantom Game Service, Inc., in turn, receives an extremely valuable IP and trademark in a business segment that is poised for outstanding growth.”

Here’s a link to this press release:

If you have additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Updated Pink Sheets

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Let’s just consider this square one – with many more squares to come.

ELUSIVE TV-INTERNET MARRIAGE promised by Intel, introducing first specialized CE system-on-chip, couch potato-friendly interface created with Yahoo.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Intel has created the technologies to finally weave the Internet into TV, it said
Tuesday. To back the claim, the company put executives from Comcast, Sony, Disney and Yahoo on stage at the Intel Developer Forum.

Intel introduced a “widget dock” developed with Yahoo. It’s intended to create a simple, unobtrusive, visual Internet interface that doesn’t block the TV picture. Viewers can customize it and navigate it with a few clicks of familiar remote controls, said Patrick Barry, Yahoo vice president of connected TV. Developers quickly can create new interactive applications, he said.

The company also announced the Media Processor CE 3100, a system-on-a-chip to support high-quality video and audio, along with Web technologies such as Flash, Java, Ajax and successors. The chip is the first built by Intel specifically for optical media players, cable set-tops, digital TVs and other connected CE devices. It features more than 150 million transistors, 46 clock devices and “15 complex and unique pieces of IP,” said Eric Kim, senior vice president of Intel’s digital home group.   

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Phantom Lapboard to be distributed in Japan

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We have earned a Japanese distributor and we are excited to share our lapboard with the gamers in that part of the world. If you are from Japan or can read Japanese the link below is for you.

Here is that page translated to English for those interested.

Phantom Entertainment is BACK!

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Phantom Entertainment has.. well been through the ringer. We will say boldly that we didn’t have the best method of development in past years. But if you are a hard core Phantom Fan and have hung with us over the years you should know that we have been lurking in the darkness, slowing building a solid foundation in which to move forward on past promises.

The LapBoard is ALIVE!!!

– We have sold out of our current stock and more are on the way. We are gathering the comments and reviews from such companies as Maximum PC, Yanko Design and Extreme Tech. We will soon have reviews from – Exciting developments will come from these reviews as we press forward to improve our sacred lapboard.

This blog is here to give you the latest news as it happens. We want to rebuild a trust that had been lost through sloppy politics and bad decisions. This company is now in the hands of a CEO that realizes the potential to produce products that simulate the gaming experience, brings people closer together in their living rooms and of course through the cyber lines of the web to foreign lands abroad.

If you have question, we will do that best in our power to answer them. We look forward to showing you great things in the weeks to come.

Phantom Entertainment Blog – ACTIVATE!

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This is the first entry for the Phantom Entertainment Blog.
Check out the Phantom Lapboard above!!

In this blog I will do my best to educate and inform those who visit of the new developments within the company. We have many exciting things to share! Stay tunned.